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Outline of SAJ

Activities and Membership

The Society for Actinomycete Japan (SAJ) was established in 1955 and authorized as a scientific organization by Science Council of Japan in 1985. The Society for Applied Genetics of Actinomycetes, which was established in 1972, merged in SAJ in 1990. SAJ aims at promoting actinomycete researches as well as social and scientific exchanges between members domestically and internationally. The Activities of SAJ have included annual and regular scientific meetings, workshops and publications of Actinomycetologica (the official newsletter) and laboratory manuals. Contributions to International Streptomyces Project (ISP) and International Symposium on Biology of Actinomycetes (ISBA) have also been SAJ's activities. In addition, SAJ have occasional special projects such as the publication of books related to actinomycetes: "Atlas of Actinomycetes, 1997", "Identification Manual of Actinomycetes, 2001" and "Digital Atlas of Actinomycetes, 2002-2014". These activities have been planned and organized by the board of directors with association of executive committees consisting of active members who belong to academic and nonacademic organizations.

The SAJ Memberships comprize active members, student members, oversea members, supporting members and honorary members. Currently (as of Dec. 31, 2016), SAJ has about 423 active members including student members, 22 oversea members, 11 honorary members, 3 oversea honorary members, 1 special member and 13 supporting members. The SAJ members are allowed to join the scientific and social meetings or projects (regular and specific) of SAJ on a membership basis and will receive each issue of Actinomycetologica which is currently published in June and December. Actinomycete researchers in foreign countries are welcome to join SAJ. For application of SAJ membership, please contact to the SAJ secretariat (please see the bottom of this page). Annual membership fees are currently 5,000 yen for active members, 3,000 yen for student members and 20,000 yen or more for supporting members (mainly companies), provided that the fees may be changed without advance announcement.

The current members (April 2016 - March 2018) of the Board of Directors are:
The auditors are:
The members of the Advisory Board are:
The SAJ Secretariat

Resource Collection Division (NBRC),
NITE Biological Resource Center,
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
2-5-8, Kazusakamatari, Kisarazu,
Chiba 292-0818, Japan
Phone: +81-438-20-5763
Fax: +81-438-52-2329
E-mail: info@actino.jp